Bangla Mural is postponed once again to October 2018

Sometimes you have to wait for something good. Sometimes things don’t go as planned. Put that together and that’s where we’re at with the Bangladesh Mural Project. We were at the final stages of getting a mural design that we all liked and we just RAN OUT OF TIME. Certain tasks got put off over the last few months and we were ending up at what is commonly called ‘crunch time.’ Another couple weeks might have done it, but now we have to wait for the next open time for the magnificent muralist that we commissioned to do America’s first large scale mural on the history and culture of Bangladesh. Marka27 in the meantime has cranked out a dozen murals waiting for us to come to common agreement on our mural.
This isn’t the only setback the project has faced. From the very beginning over 5 years ago we got stalled when we couldn’t find an acceptable Bangladeshi artist who was available. It got put off for awhile then. A year or so later we kicked back into gear because our dear friend Abu Hanif passed away unexpectedly and we decided to go back into full gear in his honor.
Then we began a search for the perfect wall, sort of like the perfect partner, or perfect wave — they’re hard to find. We got close but a couple wall owners didn’t want to sign for 20 years to guarantee we got our money’s worht from the artist. We ran out of warm weather and had to put it off until the next year.
Then we started the search for the perfect artist, sort of like the perfect partner – well, you heard that before.
We ended up with a world class painter that unfortunately boosted our budget by double. It was going to be a challenge to get the funding necessary. But some go-getters in our team, using the name recognition of Abu Hanif and the enthusiasm of the youth, pulled off a miracle and raised the money in record time. Now all we had to do was come to an agreement with the artist about image content on the wall. We got stalled in the process and we are now at another delay. But hopefully, we’ve learned from our mistakes, and we’re moving efficiently forward and hope to see all of you on that great Celebration Day – Sunday, October 21, 2018

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