ONE HAMTRAMCK LLC is an independent non-governmental progressive organization dedicated to bringing communities together in the diverse city of Hamtramck. The group organizes and sponsors public events and supports culture of social significance. Its focus is on building understanding and improving communications among different cultures, and finding common ground among the many religions, ethnicities and perspectives within the city of Hamtramck.

OneHamtramck addresses any form of discrimination and injustice in the community and the government.

It is a private LLC although it is structured as a non-profit and works at the grassroots in a non-profit manner. Political candidates, government and elected officials are not asked to be on the board but are encouraged to work with us. You do not have to live in Hamtramck to be on the Board. The owner and Executive Director is Bill Meyer, and Assistant Director is Twyla Meyer. The Board of Directors assist in defining projects, representing OneHamtramck in public and government meetings and events, and determining the direction of the organization. We have developed an email list of supporters who have attended our events, a FaceBook page and a website. We recruit from this list, activists to help us on various OneHamtramck projects.

The work of ONEHAMTRAMCK LLC is focused in three areas:

• COMMUNICATIONS: Creating and maintaining a broad-based informational and educational news website; offering a media release service for the wider community; working to improve radio, television, online and print media that affect Hamtramck.

• CULTURE: Utilizing the arts to entertain, educate and inform the public about socially significant issues of common concern.

• SOCIAL: Addressing social and economic issues, including racism, xenophobia, discrimination, human rights, worker rights, and the effects of the economy on the community.

The first event sponsored by ONE HAMTRAMCK LLC was the THE HOME SUITE: COMING TO HAMTRAMCK – a multimedia concert written and produced by Bill Meyer. The project, funded by the Kresge Foundation, featured the newly formed Hamtramck World Music Ensemble. The five-movement HOME SUITE is interspersed with filmed interviews from the Hamtramck immigrant community and premiered in Detroit and Hamtramck in July 2011.

OneHamtramck headed the ARAB MURAL PROJECT, with Chilean muralist Dasic Fernandez painting an 80 x 16 ft depiction of Yemeni Arab Muslim culture and history on a wall in the Yemeni community of Hamtramck. ACC is a major sponsor.

OneHamtramck is currently producing the BANGLA MURAL PROJECT, with famed muralist Marka27. Completion will be June 17th.

Future projects of ONE HAMTRAMCK LLC include:

RECOGNITION DINNERS, presenting the history and honoring contributions to Hamtramck by the various local ethnic groups.

GAMES AND SPORTS, including Breaking the Language Barrier, a game project designed to educate about basic words spoken in the several languages of Hamtramck’s people; and Foot Tennis League, a new sport blending soccer and tennis.

AUTHOR/LECTURE SERIES addressing social, historical, cultural and political issues of concern to Hamtramck.


3105 Carpenter on the east wall of Bridge Academy West